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Our Packages

How do I know which package is right for me?

The best way to understand which package suits you, is to have a chat with us. We’ll recommend the best option for you and maybe even suggest a custom package based on your requirements.

Overall, our Small package is great for businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t have many services and haven’t established an influential digital presence yet. Our Medium package is tailored to brands that offer a wider range of services, they often (but not always) need a website redesign and a refresh of their branding and overall digital strategy. Lastly, the Custom package is a great choice for large companies with multiple divisions and areas of expertise.

Which is the most popular package?

Our middle package “Start Growing” is definitely our most popular package. Not only does it offer more social media posts per month and longer blog posts, but it also offers services such as copywriting and up to 20 website pages. Our clients feel like they are getting more for their money.

How long do your packages last for?

All of our packages last for 12 months as we spread the cost out throughout the year, making it more affordable for our clients. Additionally, this is the perfect amount of time to grow your digital presence and get it to where it needs to be.

Can I upgrade to a higher package before the end of my contract?

Absolutely! If you wish to upgrade, we plan the expansion and can either create a new bespoke package for you or simply bump you up to the next level.

Can I just get a website?

Under some circumstances, we do consider building websites outside of our packages. Please contact us by email or book a meeting so we can discuss your specific requirements.

Do you do 6 month contracts?

The structure of our packages doesn’t allow for shorter contracts as the costs are spread throughout the year. Moreover, our strategy for building an effective online presence is reliant on time, consistency, and growth, which can’t be effectively achieved overnight.

Website Design

What pages can I have on my website?

You can pick and choose the pages you’d like to have as long as they are within the amount specified in your package. The most popular pages websites have are:

  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Our work/portfolio page
  • Unique portfolio pages
  • Services page
  • Blog page
  • Unique blog template

Our first package offers the basic website structure, whereas our second and third packages are great for those who would like to add unique service, portfolio or landing pages.

What is the website design process?

We create websites based on your requirements and in line with your branding. Our process starts with a detailed brand questionnaire that we ask you to fill out. We then ask you to send us all the assets we’ll need to create the website.

Once you’ve sent us all required files and information, we create a prototype and send it to you for approval. We then begin the website build using WordPress and the Divi Theme Builder.

What software do you use to build the websites?

We design all our websites using the Divi Theme Builder and take a no-code approach. This is all done on WordPress, and we offer training if you would like to make changes and updates to the website yourself.

What functionalities can I have on my website?

All basic website functionalities are built into the website as standard. If you require any custom features, we ask that you let us know before the start of the project so we can assess what is possible and how it can be achieved.

Can I have animations on my website?

We offer graphic animations as a part of our middle and largest packages as they require more work. The websites we build support lottie and svg animations as standard. Please discuss your specific requirements with us at the start of the project so we can offer the best solution for your requirements.

Please keep in mind that we don’t recommend overusing animations as this is likely to slow down your website significantly.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Of course. We constantly work on all our websites to make sure they stay healthy and up to date. Keeping a website up to date not only will help protect it, but it will also keep Google happy and your SEO rankings on the upward trend.

Does my website stay updated throughout the year?

Absolutely! We keep your website up to date all the time, with weekly checks and monthly updates to design and content.

Can you build e-commerce websites?

Our packages are not tailored to e-commerce, however, in some cases, we can add a shop to the websites we build. Please get in touch with us to discuss this in detail.

Do you offer hosting?

We do offer hosting and maintenance as part of all our plans. We use Siteground to host all our websites.

Can I host my website on my own hosting?

If you would like to host your website yourself, it is not a problem for us in most cases. You may have to do some extra work in pointing the website to a new domain if required. Please bear in mind that this will not reduce the price of the packages.

Can I edit my website myself?

We use the Divi Theme Builder to create all our websites, which does not require coding knowledge to navigate. However, maintenance and monthly updates are included in all our packages to avoid clients editing the website themselves. Although the builder can be navigated without code, it is a skill that takes time to learn and master and you may end up causing damage to pages or the overall website.

Content Creation

Why do I need a monthly blog post?

Blog posts are not only great for SEO, but they also keep your website up to date. We truly believe that a website reflects the trajectory of a business. If a business stays relevant and up to date with industry news and updates, its website should also reflect that. 

Do I have to provide you with topics for the content?

At the beginning of our working relationship, we sit down with our clients and learn about their business and their goals. At this stage, alongside the guidance of the client, we create a content strategy for the year ahead. 

Do you do SEO?

Of course! All our websites are built with SEO in mind, making sure that they are fully optimised. Then at the beginning of the working relationship, we create a keyword and content strategy to get you ranking for keywords that will grow your business. 

Social Media

What social media platforms do you manage?

We specialise in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Will you also manage our social media accounts?

All our packages include content creation for social media as well as scheduling the content itself. However, the management engagement, messaging, and comments within the platforms are in the hands of our clients.

Is the social content bespoke or is it mass-produced?

We design, create and write all of the content in line with your branding, industry, and goals.